Strategic HR Solutions
Strategic HR Solutions

Strategic Solutions December 6, 2006
A Newsletter from the Close Group

The HR Holiday Survivor Guide

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  • Meet the Close Group
  • Avoid Stressful Situations with the Boss
  • Learn to Push Back
  • Holiday Stress Relief
  • Corporate Wellness Programs

  • Meet the Close Group

    The mission of the CLOSE GROUP is to help our clients achieve their organizational goals by providing strategic human resource related solutions. We offer a comprehensive array of human resource related services.

    Avoid Stressful Situations with the Boss

    “I feel like my boss is clueless to what is going on . . .
    . . . We are on totally different planets!”

    Statements like these are sure signs that there is “misreading” occurring between the boss and subordinate manager. This “misreading” occurs in large part due to a failure to recognize their mutual dependence.

    Some managers would like to believe that their bosses are not very dependent upon them and they fail to see just how much their boss needs their help and cooperation to do their job effectively. On the reverse side, a manager’s immediate boss can play a critical role in linking the manager to the rest of the organization, making sure the manager’s priorities are consistent with organizational needs, and in securing the resources the manager needs to perform well. Yet some managers convince themselves that they do not need the critical information and resources a boss can supply.

    Learn to Push Back

    Knowing how and when to push back may take practice and mutual understanding – but there should be no question in your boss’s mind as to your willingness to do it, and no doubt as to the reasons why.

    Holiday Stress Relief

    "I carry a small glass jar containing the mixture of Matcha and Cocoa, in a 1:2 ratio, with me at all times. In that way, I can dose myself with an anti-oxidant blast on a moments notice. Enjoy this drink year round, but especially during the winter season."
    Dr. Ryan Weitman, ND, CSCS
    Naturopathic Exercise

    hot cocoa

    Green Tea Cocoa Recipe
    1 cup hot water (bottled or filtered)
    1/2 tsp of Matcha
    1 tsp of Cocoa Powder

    Whisk vigorously. Sweeten with stevia (if you are carb conscious), raw sugar, or honey. Add a small amount of whole milk or half and half to give it a richer flavor. To spice it up a little, try adding a small pinch of Cayenne pepper, a dash of Cinnamon (very warming) or a small slice of orange zest (very energizing). Note: If a creamier beverage is desired, substitute milk for water in the recipe.

    Corporate Wellness Programs

    Companies are beginning to recognize that the health of the individual employee is inseparable from the ‘health’ of the corporation. Employees with chronic diseases and/or conditions, which may be prevented or attenuated by diet and exercise, often have higher rates of absenteeism and health care usage than healthy employees without chronic ailments. Thus, worksite programs designed to promote health and prevent chronic disease are a wise investment for employers. An effective wellness program must be strategic, incorporating the long term needs and goals of the organization as well as the individual.

    HR Management SPHR/PHR
    Less than 30% of Human Resource Professionals in the State of Washington have obtained their SPHR or PHR. Encourage your peers to become “certifiably” certified and improve their professional standing as well as their marketability. Reap the added benefit of watching others study for the exam. If you benefited from the HR Management SPHR/PHR Prep course you took with Amanda, forward this newsletter on. The next HR Management course begins February 20th.

    Here is what a recent “graduate” had to say about the class:

    "Amanda’s HR Management SPHR/PHR prep course came so highly recommended, that I drive from Portland every week to attend. She makes this dry material come alive!”

    Laura DeGraaf, McKinstry

    Ask Amanda

    Hello! I am Amanda Close, the president of the Close Group. I've made it my personal mission to partner with professionals in order to offer strategic solutions for business organizations and individuals.

    Got a tough HR question?
    Just Ask Amanda....
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