Communication Works!™
Are you looking for an effective and efficient tool to help you and other organizational leaders and managers enhance communication skills?

We help clients improve their communication effectiveness through leadership coaching and customized in-house educational opportunities. Using the Communication Works! Profile we quickly get to the “behind the scenes” of communication and identify how each person processes information and the relationship to:

image Unique talents and abilities
image Communication style
image Conflict management style
image Learning style
image Leadership style
image Management style
image Coaching style
image Negotiating style
image Team dynamics

Quickly Get to the “Behind the Scenes” of Communication
Communication is the process of sending and receiving information and every person has a unique way of communicating. The “how and why” of our communication style is a direct result of how our brains process information.

This online profile assesses your “brain processing” style and translates into a visual summary of your preferred ways of sending and receiving information. You will see how a message sent will be interpreted by someone with a different brain processing pattern. These differences often result in conflict, poor communication and misunderstanding.

This personal profile provides an in-depth, cost-effective look at the primary areas for leveraging personal communication strengths and opportunities for blending your style to effectively communicate with those around you.

Benefits of the Communication Works!™
Total Communication Tool profile:

image Confidential – feedback is completely confidential.
image Online – you can complete it anytime, anywhere. No need for a special meeting.
image Easy to use – simple, step-by-step instructions. No software or installation required.
image Cost effectiveFind Out More...


Communication Works!™

Communication Works!™ Personal Profile

What others have said...
“I have a degree in psychology and advanced training in a variety of assessment techniques and tools. This instrument is revolutionary; it builds upon trusted foundational principles and brings them together in a single dynamic total communication tool. It is a must for successful leadership and management. The information is so relevant and encompassing that I find myself referring to it constantly. You will never look at a situation the same after taking this instrument.”
~Susan Pfeiffer,SPHR
HR Director at Skills, Inc.

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