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Heat stroke is a killer and just doesn’t “happen”! It builds over a period of time and the final onset of life threatening symptoms can be very quick. Remember heat stroke has a fatality incidence of roughly 20%. Trained personnel can be alerted to the very first symptoms of heat related illnesses if they are provided some rudimentary awareness training. more...

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Fixed Industry
Summer is a great time to delegate the safety committee with evaluating, annual program reviews. If your safety program doesn ’t specify a schedule of when mandatory annual reviews are performed of specific health and safety programs… this can be delegated as a safety committee task. Programs that require annual or regular review and evaluation include: Bloodborne Pathogens, Permit Required Confined Space, Lock-out/Tag-out, and Respiratory Protection. more...

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Fire Safety
Remember the requirement in WAC 296-305-01509(7)(b)

Are your members ’ health, wellness and longevity the top priority in your Department? Is your Department actively controlling its risks and supporting its members’ long term health and safety with a viable employee wellness program? more...

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Lydig Construction
“It has been my privilege to know and work with Mark since 1995. He is a dedicated professional and in my opinion, one of the leading authorities in workplace safety and health issues. I’m confident Mark can help you with your concerns and your desire to provide a safe and healthful environment for your employees.”
~Rob Parker
Safety Director