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Nov/Dec 2010
Announcing. . . Announcing. . . Announcing. . . Announcing. . . Announcing

The Close Group is proud to announce that Mark Close is now a CIH.

That is right! After twenty years of successfully helping clients solve their health and safety challenges Mark is now able to add that "certified industrial hygienist" stamp of approval.

 Announcing. . . Announcing. . . Announcing. . . Announcing. . . Announcing


Understanding the complex road of complying with OSHA and WISHA standards is a challenge. The risk of not being in compliance has the potential of fines in the hundreds of thousands. Let Mark Close, CIH help you bring your health and safety programs into compliance. Call today!


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H&S Tip: Disinfecting Solution 
Did you know that adding white vinegar to diluted household bleach greatly increases the disinfecting power of the solution, making it strong enough to kill even bacterial spores?
Researchers from MicroChem Lab, Inc. in Euless, Texas, report their findings at the 2006 ASM Biodefense Research Meeting.

"Laundry bleach is commonly diluted about 10 to 25-fold with tap water to about 2000 to 5000 parts per million of free available chlorine for use as an environmental surface disinfectant, without regard to the pH value of the diluted bleach. However, the pH value is very important for the antimicrobial effectiveness of bleach."  More...
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Accidents Hurt. Safety Doesn't
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Mark Close, MS, CIH

Mark Close


Certified Industrial Hygienist


If you're like many employers, you often wonder exactly what you're required to do by law, what goes on during an OSHA/WISHA inspection, what an OSHA inspector looks at and what resources are available to better prepare you inspection.
Give me a call or send me an
email and I'll provide solutions for your industry's most challenging H&S issues!

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